Character Creation and Roles

I think we should start these characters at level 9. It’s enough to get to a couple feats/stat boosts, even if you decide to multiclass a level. Please roll your own stats in the usual fashion – 3 sets of either 6×4d6 or the 2×3d6, 2×4d6 & 2×5d6 method. I don’t need to witness (except I will be witnessing Logan’s as he always seems to roll a superhero). Add any personal gear you want that exists on any of the regular tables (keep encumbrance in mind). I’ll award any excess funds, magic items and such later (your background will play a role in this part).

The characters in this campaign need to have various skills and abilities to ensure the emissary survives the many difficulties of his journey. Your character should adopt at least some of the characteristics of one of the roles below. Note that this can be in addition to any other background, traits, skills or abilities you might have.

Ultimately I’m hoping for a variety of classes with different strengths and weaknesses. Please feel free to communicate among yourselves your character ideas as it’s probably best not to have more than two characters in the same role (probably only the first three roles are essential). I envision this campaign having as much role-playing as combat, if that helps creating your PC.

Oh, the flaws below are optional but only if you have at least one other already. You could interchange flaws between roles too. I also didn’t apply any classes to these roles. There are several classes that could fit each of them so I’ll leave that to you.

The advisor:
Role: You are a source of information and advice because of your extensive academic knowledge and your study of magic – be it arcane or divine. You guide the group with keen insight, keeping them safe from harmful magic while wielding your own.
Characteristics: You should have studied the various histories & traditions of the kingdoms you’re going to visit (or should try to acquire that knowledge if unknown). You likely speak several languages, especially the older and/or more rare ones. You should have at least one spell or magical effect for communicating vast distances with the Council of Icewind Dale.
Flaws: On occasion you’re willing to interject a piece of information, recommendation or advice – whether solicited or not. You’re often chastised for this over-zealousness as sometimes your comments are overly obvious or irrelevant, causing reactions from anger to puzzlement to laughter.

The bodyguard:
Role: You ensure the personal safety of the entire group, especially the emissary. You’ll use whatever means necessary but with an emphasis on the avoidance of violence in civilized areas.
Characteristics: Since you prefer to avoid armed conflict you’re likely persuasive or intimidating. That said, if it comes to physical violence you are probably the best one at it. You can read people and can likely spot danger fairly well. You may even have access to magic that can protect or possibly even heal.
Flaw: You love a good wager or bet, especially when it involves cash! You’ve gambled away a small fortune to date but that hasn’t taught you anything about the dangers of this type of behavior.

The spy:
Role: Gathering information and providing reconnaissance. This includes unearthing local rumours & plots (especially that might endanger your group), spying on a potential enemy or romancing a courtesan for intel; all these are tasks that fall to you.
Characteristics: Knowledge of social graces and nuances of courtly life. Charming with small doses of discretion and subtlety. Outright combat should be a last resort. Being able to stay quiet and hide is useful and you’re likely trained in less-than-honest things – like thieves tools or poison. You may know a bit of magic too.
Flaw: Willing to take risks (sometimes ill-advised) but not enough to put the group in danger. You also like to collect trinkets as souvenirs of your journey, each having a story behind it. Problem is some of the ‘trinkets’ are quite valuable and belong to powerful people – they might want it back. (Note: the trinket is always taken as a reminder of a person, place or thing and not based on its intrinsic value).

The quartermaster:
Role: You’re the one making sure the group gets safely from A to B. You make arrangements including securing transportation, supplies, accommodations, even writs of passage as needed. Also, while on the road you’re in charge and make decisions on which way to travel, where and when to camp, stuff like that.
Characteristics: You have knowledge of the dangers of traveling in the wild (weather, beasts, etc) and are able to survive in and navigate safely many terrains. You can likely communicate with creatures of the forest; humanoids, animals or maybe both. You’re a fair hand at spotting ambushes and can be quick to grab a weapon.
Flaw: Although more at home in the wilderness you’re curious of the ways of civilization. Each town is a chance to learn but it’s always an effort to keep frustration and discomfort in check while trying to understand ‘civilized’ ways. Can lead to awkward encounters and miscommunications, possibly causing trouble.

The shepherd:
Role: You tend to the spiritual well-being of this small flock. You advise on beliefs, faiths and other religious topics. You also keep vigilant against evil and its influences. Lastly you’re who keeps the group healthy and on its feet – be it by magic, herbs, healing kit or however.
Characteristics: You believe strongly in the power of faith but wise enough to understand not to follow it blindly. You likely have a strong moral compass and would try to steer the group in the same direction. Aside from religious topics, you probably have darker pieces of knowledge too including types of devils and the planes they infest or the various undead creatures haunting the land and how to kill them.
Flaw: You tend to ramble, trying to educate others on the benefits of faith even if it’s not your own. Also, using a judgmental tone you find it hard not to chastise heathens, criminals and such.

Character Creation and Roles

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