Character Backgrounds and Motivations

The PCs background will need to be a little more extensive than we’ve done in the past as you’ll be starting at a fairly high level. You’ll need a reason for how you obtained your experience. You could’ve fought in a war, delved the depths of some famous ruins, slain some terrible creature, sailed the high seas in search of sunken treasure, saved a princess – just about anything will do.

As part of your background, your player character needs to have a reason to be in the north and possibly even have some kind of tie there. Your characters can be related to any of the cast they’ve encountered in Icewind Dale if you want or can even your own PC from the initial campaign if they’re not dead! (I can give you more info on any NPC too). They could’ve been part of the group that slew Bonechill or come from Mithral Hall (dwarf allies Stokely requested help from). Obviously they could’ve been born and raised in the area. Icewind Dale is also fairly well-known as a refuge for those needing to hide (for whatever reason – from the law, family, a gang, etc).

Note that once I have your backgrounds I’ll create some links between your characters (if you haven’t already). I do want to avoid a group of 5 strangers getting together so most of your PCs will have some kind of tie to at least one other character.

Your PC will also need a motivation to be joining the emissary on his journey. Maybe it’s forced by your elders or clan as they want you to represent their interests. You could be related to the emissary in some way and want to help keep your family member safe. Maybe you’re an agent of one of the main factions in the realms and you’ve been given a mission to protect, spy on or even sabotage the emissary (the last one could be tricky though). It could be as simple as the payment is good for such a relatively safe job or that you just want to get out of Icewind Dale and see the world. I’m willing to work with whatever idea you might have.

The point of this is it’s something to help guide your role-playing going forward and to stay somewhat true to your motivations. Once this is done I’ll likely flesh out your PC a bit more. Stuff like adding a few magic items or extra skills/feats based on the background you created.

Character Backgrounds and Motivations

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